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Risk Disclosure Statement

Welcome to Taupo Sailing Adventures! Before you embark on our boating activities, it’s important for us to ensure your safety and that you are aware of potential risks involved. Please take a moment to read and understand the following disclosure statement:

1. **Nature of Water Activities**: Boating activities on Lake Taupo involve inherent risks associated with being on water, including but not limited to, accidents, collisions, capsizing, and injuries.

2. **Weather Conditions**: Weather conditions can change rapidly and unexpectedly, leading to rough waters, high winds, storms, or reduced visibility. These conditions may impact your safety and comfort on the water. Be prepared and wear appropriate clothing for the conditions.

3. **Operator Experience**: The experience and competence of boat operators may vary. While our operators are trained and certified, it’s important to understand that human error and misjudgement can still occur.

4. **Follow Instructions**: Listen carefully to the instructions provided by our staff and boat operators. They are trained to ensure your safety and will provide guidance in case of emergency situations.

5. **Personal Responsibility**: As a participant, you are responsible for your own safety and well-being. Please follow all safety instructions provided by our staff and adhere to boating regulations.

6. **Use of Safety Equipment**: Wearing a life jacket is not compulsory while on the water on our boats, but there are enough life jackets available for every passenger. They are located under the seats at the rear of the boat in the cockpit. Please inform a member of the crew should you wish to wear a life jacket during the trip.
Life rings are located at the rear of the vessel. Please familiarise yourself with their location. Should you see someone fall  over board please notify a member of the crew immediately.

7. **Alcohol and Substance Use**: The consumption of alcohol before or during the activities must be limited, the consumption of drugs is strictly prohibited. Intoxication impairs judgment and reaction time, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

8. **Medical Emergencies**: Please inform our staff of any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns before boarding. You must be physically capable of undertaking any activity you partake in. In the event of a medical emergency, access to immediate medical assistance may be limited.

9. **Environmental Hazards**: Lake Taupo may contain natural hazards such as rocks, submerged objects, or shallow areas, which can cause collisions or accidents.
Please remain vigilant and alert when going for a swim.

10. **Water Activities, Swimming, Children and Non-Swimmers**: Please ensure you are able to swim, when going in the water (Stand Up Paddleboard, swimming) and wear appropriate safety gear. Extra caution should be exercised for children and non-swimmers. They must wear properly fitted life jackets and be supervised closely at all times.

11. **Sailing and sailing equipment**: While sailing, the boat might heal over. Please be aware, stay seated or move around with extra caution.
Be aware of moving parts on the boat like the boom.
Be also aware of the ropes on the boats, as they become trip hazards, especially during sailing and being under tension. Do not grab, pull or sit on any ropes. Use the side rails to navigate yourself safely up and down the boats.
When the deck gets wet (after swimming, rain or rough conditions) the boat can become slippery. Extra caution must be taken while moving around.

By participating in boating activities with us, you acknowledge and accept these risks associated with water-based activities on Lake Taupo. Your safety is our top priority, and we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. You agree to inform all others in your party of the above risks.
We appreciate your cooperation.






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