Sustainable sailing

In our world sustainability is getting more and more important.

At Taupo Sailing Adventures we believe everyone is able to make a difference for a better future and for us sustainability is a big part of who we are and try to be.

We want to take you on a journey to show you what we are doing to become more sustainable.

Sailing is one of the most environmental friendly ways to travel – we use the power of wind and sail as much as possible. Taupo Sailing Adventures has only sailing boats, no big motor boat, no back up, not even for bad weather. If the weather gets too bad for going out with our boats, we will cancel the trip and give you a full refund.
But sometimes even in New Zealand there are days without wind – or it is from the wrong direction to reach our destination – in that case we have to use the motor. Did you know that in the rare case of motoring the whole trip we use as little as about 5l Diesel for a 2.5 hour trip?

Apart from the diesel we are self-sufficient. We use our solar panel to keep our batteries charged and don’t have to use on-shore power at all.

We keep the lake clean – no black or grey water from our boats goes into the lake. We collect the black and grey water on board and pump out at the pump station.

Kindred Spirit was completely restored and is up to the newest standards. Even the bilge is designed to get checked before it gets flushed.

Recycling – we try to recycle everything we use on board for the trips. Cardboard boxes for the pizza from a local shop, bottles and cans for the drinks. We try to avoid as much rubbish and plastic as possible.

We support the TIAKI promise. It stands for how to care for New Zealand
– be prepared
– drive carefully
– keep NZ clean
– protect nature
– show respect


Trees That Count

We also support ‘Trees That Count‘, to grow native forest in New Zealand.


And we are proud to say, that Taupo Sailing Adventures has received certification as Climate Positive Business Operation by EKOS. That means we offset 120% of our carbon footprint by supporting projects in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Our carbon footprint for the financial year of 2019/2020 came to a total of 11.04 tCO2e when it was officially measured by EKOS. For the following years, we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint.


We believe, we are on a good way. But you can always do more, always improve. But we have to start now: make a difference to our future!

About Us

Taupo Sailing Adventures is a family owned and operated business with just a crew of two at the moment: the owners Dave & Jess.

These two have a big passion for what they do and most important for them is to share their love for sailing with you as a customer and to make your sailing trip a personal experience. Here you are not just a number, but the person counts.

Dave has a background in hospitality; speedway and sailing are his passions. Coming from a family of seafarers and boat builders it was inevitable that he would take up sailing. Joining the local yacht club, he was Rear Commodore, sailing instructor and competed in a number of regattas picking up a few trophies along the way.
Dave gathered some off shore sailing experience sailing in the Pacific Islands.

Dave has spent over 20 years sailing on Lake Taupo with more than 15 years on varies charter yachts, making him the most experienced sailing charter yacht skipper on the lake. After sailing Barbary for about 5 years and learning of “Barbary Bill”, Barbary’s original owner in Lake Taupo, who started offering sailing trips to the Maori Rock Carvings, Dave is now sailing his own yachts, Fearless since 2010, Kindred Spirit since 2019, and now Tiua since 2023.

He restored both Fearless and Kindred Spirit himself, with the help of family and friends, and knows his boats inside out.
Getting a little makeover – what was planned for the winter 2019 and now taking a little bit longer – Fearless is at the moment out of the water doing a beauty sleep.

Jess is originally from Germany and a former customs officer.
She fell in love with Dave and sailing during her travels in New Zealand in early 2016.
She met Dave doing a trip on Fearless, what makes this boat even more special for both of them.
Jess is now looking after the office and joining Dave on as many trips as possible.
She picked up skydiving, loving the feeling of complete freedom when jumping out of a plane and she is looking to get her own skipper’s ticket.

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